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Wolverhampton Wanderers hooligan spotted in posh seats at Premier League match despite being barred from football ground

A HOOLIGAN barred from football grounds was spotted at a Premier League match in the posh seats.

Wolverhampton Wanderers thug Christian Denton, 31, appeared at the new Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

Wolverhampton Wanderers thug Christian Denton was spotted in the posh seats at the new Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Wolverhampton Wanderers thug Christian Denton was spotted in the posh seats at a Premier League match

He managed to sneak into the front row of the corporate section to watch Wolves beat Spurs 3-2.

Personal trainer Denton — who appeared in BBC3 documentary series Football Fight Club in 2015 — later admitted breaching a ban by attending the March 1 match.

The dad of two was fined and given a 120-hour community order by Highbury Corner JPs, North London.

Adeal Mahmood, prosecuting, said: “Police were informed a male sitting in a corporate area shouldn’t be there and was subject to a five year banning order.

“Stadium staff told the defendant that he was identified as being banned, which he admitted.”

Denton was once said to be “top boy” in the Wolves Youth hooligan crew.

He got a five-year ban from towns and cities where Wolves or England were playing after being convicted of kicking in a train window in 2015.

Denton had managed to sneak into the front row of the corporate section at the new Tottenham Hotspur stadium
PA:Empics Sport

Denton had managed to sneak into the front row of the corporate section at the new Tottenham Hotspur Stadium[/caption]



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Shelley Morrison dead at 83 – Will & Grace star who played Karen’s maid Rosario passes away from heart failure

WILL & Grace actress Shelley Morrison who played Karen’s long-suffering maid has died from heart failure aged 83.

The TV star died at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in LA on Sunday after a brief illness, her publicist confirmed.

Shelley Morrison (left) who played Karen’s long-suffering maid in Will & Grace has died
Getty – Contributor

Shelley Morrison (left) who played Karen’s long-suffering maid in Will & Grace has died[/caption]

Morrison played Rosario Salazar, a maid from El Salvador, in the original run of Will & Grace from 1999 to 2006.

The cast for the much-loved sitcom won a Screen Actors Guild award for best ensemble in a comedy series.

Morrison’s character was originally written for a single episode.

But she proved so popular in her interactions with co-star Megan Mullally – who played Karen Walker – that she would appear in 68 episodes.

“Rosario is one of my all-time favorite characters,” Morrison said recently, according to a statement and biography announcing her death.

“She reminds me a lot of my own mother, who loved animals and children, but she would not suffer fools.

“It is very significant to me that we were able to show an older, Hispanic woman who is bright and smart and can hold her own.”

Before Will and Grace, Morrison was best known for playing Sister Sixto on The Flying Nun alongside Sally Field from 1967 to 1970.

She guest-starred on dozens of television series starting in the early 1960s, including The Fugitive, L.A. Law and Murder, She Wrote.

Most recently, she voiced a character, Mrs Portillo, on the Disney animated series Handy Manny.

Born Rachel Mitrani to Jewish parents from Spain in the Bronx, New York, in 1936, Morrison spoke primarily Spanish as a child.

She was cast primarily as Latina characters, but she played a range of ethnicities in theater, television and film.

Her movie roles put her in casts with Hollywood’s biggest stars of several eras.

She appeared with Dean Martin in 1968s How to Save a Marriage and Ruin Your Life, with Barbara Streisand in Funny Girl the same year, with Gregory Peck in 1969s Mackennas Gold.

Morrison is survived by her husband of more than 40 years, Walter Dominguez.


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Templegate’s racing tips: Chelmsford, Wolverhampton, Ludlow, Carlisle and Southwell – Betting preview for Thursday

KIN can win at Wolverhampton.

KINSMAN (6.15, nap) made a good start when a close third on debut at Yarmouth last time. He was blocked when making his challenge before finishing like a train. He can build on that.

Wilfried Haubenberger – The Sun

GARRY CLERMONT (2.45 Southwell, nb) won an Aintree bumper on debut in May looking like a nice prospect.

He scooted to victory in his only point-to-point and should make a nice hurdler.

DAYSAQ (5.30 Chelmsford, treble) had to come from a long way back on debut at Wolver and did well to get within a length of the winner.

He should be much closer to the pace today.

Templegate's treble

NAP 6.15 Wolverhampton – Kinsman (Bet now)

NEXT BEST 2.45 Southwell – Garry Clermont (Bet now)

TREBLE 5.30 Chelmsford – Daysaq (Bet now)

Get a free bet on Templegate’s treble: £10 wins £250!

By placing a £10 bet on today’s NAP KINSMAN, William Hill will give new customers £30 in free bets.

You can then go on to place two of these £10 free bets on his other strong fancies, Garry Clermont and Daysaq.

This leaves you with one more £10 free bet to place, which you can put on the treble which would win you £250 if it lands.


1.40 Pardon Me

2.10 Notachance

2.45 Garry Clermont (nb)

3.20 Exitas

3.50 Floral Bouquet

4.25 Percy Thrower

4.55 Kemble’s Cascade


1.50 Overthetop

2.25 Midnight Shadow

3.00 Ted Veale

3.30 Donna’s Delight

4.05 Sebastian Beach

4.35 Pistol

5.10 Craig Star


2.00 Humble Hero

2.35 Love The Leader

3.10 Legends Gold

3.40 Cesar Du Gouet

4.15 Lerichi Belle

4.45 Global Tour

5.20 Gregarious


5.00 Sophar Sogood

5.30 Daysaq (treble)

6.00 Futuristic

6.30 Human Nature

7.00 Moment Of Silence

7.30 Arigato

8.00 Zefferino

8.30 Pianissimo


5.15 Shepherd’s Purse

5.45 Sharrabang


6.45 Buwardy

7.15 Cheat

7.45 Birkenhead

8.15 Roving Mission


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Jamie Vardy and pregnant Rebekah look loved-up in the sea during Dubai getaway

LOVED up Jamie Vardy shows things are going swell with wife Rebekah as they make a splash in the sea.

The Leicester City striker was pictured hugging and kissing the heavily pregnant WAG during their romantic break in sun baked Dubai.

Jamie and Rebekah Vardy enjoy a paddle while on holiday in Dubai

Dark green bikini-clad Rebekah, 37, was even caught playfully spraying water at the retired England ace clad in a pair of colourful surfer shorts as they made the most of a rare break.

The couple are enjoying some time off together during the international break and shortly after last month’s announcement that she is pregnant with their fifth child.

And earlier this week England boss Gareth Southgate announced that Jamie, 32, could be recalled to the Three Lions team in the near future.

Southgate remarked: “‘It’s obvious how well he’s still playing, and the discussion we had at the time with him was always: ‘Look, neither of us close the door.’”

Rebekah is expecting her fifth child

Sadly Rebekah was also forced to hit back at online trolls that bizarrely claimed her expanding stomach looked “fake.”

She responded on Twitter: “I’m just wondering…what chance do our children have growing up with some of the nasty people out there?

“I don’t care you have a comment about how big or small my bump is, how it looks unnatural or bumpy, I work really hard in the gym because it makes me happy.

“Oh how about how bad my belly button is.. and what (I’ve had four babies) how fat my thighs are or how much cellulite I have on my bum.

Rebekah says she is happy and doesn’t care what people say about her body

“I don’t care you think I’ve got flabby chin, wonky eyes or a face that doesn’t move.

“I don’t care what you say about me…why? Because I’m happy and I love my family.”

And no matter what silly remarks people make, these smiling holiday snaps are bound to bump off the couple’s critics.

Getty Images – Getty

This time last year Rebekah stunned fans at the TV Choice Awards[/caption]


The famous couple on a previous holiday to Dubai[/caption]

Getty Images – Getty

The famous pair were married in May 2016 and have two children[/caption]




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Only 40 per cent of Irish are happy with how Taoiseach Leo Varadkar is handling Brexit, poll reveals

JUST four in ten people in Ireland are happy with how their Prime Minister Leo Varadkar is dealing with Brexit, a poll reveals.

One in four say they are unhappy with his negotiation tactics with the UK. The survey also shows there is strong support in Ireland for the backstop, with six in ten saying the EU should not reopen negotiations on the border.

A poll found only 40% of Ireland are happy with Leo Varadkar’s handling of Brexit
AFP or licensors

But this weakens in areas closer to the border that will be most affected by a No Deal Brexit and among the young.

The figures come from a Red C poll for The Sun. While 24 per cent of 1,080 people were dissatisfied with Mr Varadkar’s Brexit performance, just seven per cent were extremely satisfied.

Mr Varadkar and PM Boris Johnson have yet to meet in person for Brexit talks.

Mr Johnson wants the backstop binned, while the EU and Mr Varadkar are steadfast in their support.

Earlier this year, a Sunday Independent poll found that 43 per cent of Irish people were happy with the PM’s performance on Brexit.

The results show that support for his position on Brexit is gradually slipping.

The UK and EU are at deadlock as PM Johnson demands the backstop be binned, while the EU and the Taoiseach remain steadfast in their support of it.

The survey also showed that while there is strong support in Ireland for standing firm on the backstop, this support weakens slightly in areas closer to the border who will be most impacted by a no deal Brexit.

Research chief executive Richard Colwell said: “The poll seems to show grudging support for the government and the Taoiseach’s handling of negotiations.

Mr Varadkar and PM Boris Johnson have yet to meet in person for Brexit talks
PA:Press Association



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Why are elections always held on Thursdays?

IN 2017,  Brits were made to go to the polls was for the General Election – which fell on a Thursday.

But why are UK elections always on a Thursday? Here’s our guide to the customs and laws behind our history of voting.

ballot box
The 2017 General Election Ballot is being held on a Thursday, as usual

Why are general elections held on a Thursday?

By tradition, in the UK all general elections for the last 80+ years have taken place on a Thursday.

Thursday is also usually chosen for Parliamentary by-elections and for other elections such as for mayors and regional assemblies.

The weekday is also used for referendums such as last year’s poll to leave the EU and the Scottish independence ballot in 2014.

The last general election not on held a Thursday was on October 27, 1931 — which was a Tuesday.

The last Parliamentary by-election not on a Thursday was the poll in Hamilton in May 1978, when the returning officer moved it to Wednesday to avoid a clash with the first game of the football World Cup.

By law, local council elections in England and Wales are always on the first Thursday in May.

What is the reason for choosing Thursday?

There are many theories on the origins of the traditional polling day in Britain.

One is that it was the usual market day when people in rural areas were more likely to be in town – giving them a better chance to vote.

It was also thought to be desirable to have elections as far away as possible from Sunday to limit the influence of the parson’s sermon.

But Friday was payday – when many voters were likely to spend their wages in the pub.

Therefore the best day was Thursday.

However, in practice before the 20th century many elections took place over weeks rather than in a single day.

What other reasons are there for holding elections on a Thursday?

Most election results are known by Friday morning – meaning the new prime minister has the weekend to form a Cabinet.

In theory, this allows for the smooth transition of power with government returning to normal business the following Monday.

General Elections are typically held on Thursdays
General Elections are typically held on Thursdays

Who decides when elections will be held?

Before the Fixed Term Parliaments Act 2011, the prime minister had the power (using the Royal Prerogative) to dissolve Parliament and call a general election at any time.

Now, the law states that general elections will take place every five years on the first Thursday in May.

But the Act allows for two exceptions.

One is if the government loses a motion of no confidence, and 14 days pass without a vote of confidence in any new government formed.

The second is if the House of Commons votes by a two-thirds majority in favour of a general election earlier than the fixed date.

This is the route chosen by the Prime Minister, who will need support from the Opposition Party to call the election.

The law does not specify it must be on a Thursday.

What other days have elections been held?

Historically, elections took place over the course of weeks until 1918.

The general election in December that year took place on a Saturday.

Four years later in November 1922 it was a Wednesday, and the poll in December 1923 was on a Thursday.

The next three elections after that were on Wednesday (October 1924), Thursday (May 1929) and Tuesday (October 1931).

All have been on a Thursday since then.

Could elections move to a different day in the UK?

In 2008 the Electoral Commission published a consultation paper on moving votes to Sundays, as they are in much of Europe.

It said there was little evidence to support the idea that more people would vote if elections were at the weekend.

Some voters may face difficulty reaching polling stations by public transport, especially in rural areas.

And there would be problems for last-minute postal votes.

Some people go away at weekends and would not be able to vote in a different constituency.

And there would have to be accommodation for people who object on religious grounds to voting on a Saturday or Sunday.



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Apple ‘building a FOLDING iPhone’ as patent shows gadget which folds twice to rival Samsung and Huawei

APPLE could be developing a FOLDING iPhone with a flexible screen, newly unearthed patent documents show.

The tech giant has submitted a patent showing a double-folding screen that can be bent backwards or folded inward from either end.


An Apple patent document shows the design for a multiple folding device[/caption]

A design shows what the possible folding iPhone could look like[/caption]

It suggests the device could fold to be the size of a phone – but also open up to act as a tablet.

Huawei, Samsung and Lenovo have all launched foldable devices since Apple submitted its prototype last year.

The patent documents – found by Apple Patently – claim ownership of single and multiple-folding designs.

In the application, 37 drawings illustrate technical features and folding configurations.


The patent shows a screen that can fold in multiple directions[/caption]

The folding mechanism appears to work via a hinge that rotates to allow the screen to fold in on itself.

It can also open up to a 90 degree and a 180 degree angle, the patent claims.

The screen can also fold into a triangular shape – suggesting that two people opposite each other can view content at the same time.


Apple’s patent filing shows a screen able to unfold to 90 degrees and 180 degrees[/caption]

Speculating about possible designs, Patently Apple reported: “The flexible cover layer may be formed from a ceramic material (e.g., glass, strengthened glass, sapphire, zirconia) to provide some measure of protection for the flexible display from impact or other potential damaging contact.

“The flexible cover layer may also provide structural support for the display along both the folded and non-folded regions of the device.

“As used herein, a cover layer may also be referred to as a cover sheet or simply as a cover.

“In general, a foldable electronic device can be folded to accommodate a variety of form factors.

“For example, a foldable electronic device may be used in an unfolded configuration to allow use of an entire display area.”

The apparent tech breakthrough could be rolled out to multiple Apple devices – including the iPad, MacBook and Apple Watch.

It comes after a previous patent by Apple titled ‘Flexible Display Devices’ was filed on October 12th, 2018

Designs have been transformed into convincing pictures showing how the product would look by Dutch industrial designer Roy Gilsing.

It is unclear whether Apple actually plans to develop the folding device.

The Sun Online has reached out to the firm for comment.

It comes after Samsung recalled its £1,800 Samsung Galaxy Fold in April after early units being tested by gadget reviewers broke.

We pay for your stories! Do you have a story for The Sun Online news team? Email us at or call 0207 782 4368. You can WhatsApp us on 07810 791 502. We pay for videos too. Click here to upload yours.



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Outspoken MP Philip Lee becomes second Tory to face no confidence vote

REBEL Remainer Philip Lee faces becoming the second Tory MP to lose a no confidence vote by his local party today.

The result of the confidence vote isn’t binding but it would effectively deselect him because the local party association can refuse to adopt him as a candidate for the next General Election.


Tory MP Philip Lee has begged Tory members in his constituency to let them “find common ground”[/caption]

The outspoken Bracknell MP would be the second Tory to lose a no confidence this year following former Attorney General Dominic Grieve.

Fellow Remainer Nick Boles quit the party before his local association held a similar vote.

Last night Mr Lee sent a letter to all Tory members in his constituency begging them not to deselect him.

Defending his backing for a second referendum, Mr Lee wrote: “This is not a way of delaying Brexit – I have always said that the final deal put to the people should be agreed with the EU and deliverable the day after the referendum.

“On the contrary, it is a way of bringing Brexit, one way or another, to a conclusion.

“It also secures the people’s informed consent before proceeding with the most significant changes in British geopolitical and economic policies since the Second World War.”

He added: “We now have five months to resolve the Brexit conundrum.

We can only do so by finding common ground, and delivering a solution that is acceptable to us all.”




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One in ten Brits believe the wrong man is their biological father, according to an NHS chief

GENETIC tests show one in ten people are mistaken about the man they believe is their father, according to an NHS chief.

And doctors face an ethical crisis as they do not always know what to do when the truth is uncovered.

It's not known how many people are told the truth about paternity mix-ups
Getty – Contributor

It’s not known how many people are told the truth about paternity mix-ups[/caption]

It had been estimated that four per cent of people are unaware that they are not actually related to the man they call “dad”.

But Ian Cumming, head of Health Education England, said the figure is far higher.

He said: “If you look at people who have had genetic tests within families for reasons other than trying to work out paternity, for one in ten your dad isn’t who you think it is.

“Are we going to tell people ‘That’s not your dad’ — or are we going to keep that information to ourselves?”

Around 220,000 tests are carried out each year by the NHS in England and Scotland to check for hereditary ­diseases.

But it is not known how many people, if any, are told about paternity mix-ups, The Daily Telegraph reports.

Prof Mark Bellis, an expert on the issue, said: “Despite genomics creeping into many aspects of health treatments, we seem to be choosing to ignore what it reveals about infidelity and paternity.”




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Victims’ Commissioner blasts courts for ‘misleading’ crime victims over how long criminals will serve in jail

CRIME victims are being denied the truth about how long criminals will serve in prison, it was claimed last night.

Victims’ Commissioner Baroness Newlove wants courts to give an accurate assessment and not the misleading “headline” sentence.

PA:Press Association

Baroness Newlove’s call for reform is in response to a consultation by the Government’s sentencing council[/caption]

She said crime victims were losing confidence in the criminal justice system because they were left in the dark.

Judges should provide free copies of the remarks they make when a criminal is jailed to explain the sentence and its length, she added.

She told The Daily Telegraph: “Where the offender is handed a determinate sentence many victims hear the ‘headline’ sentence.

“They do not appreciate that the offender is likely to be released either at a halfway point or two thirds point of the sentence.”


Getty – Contributor

Baroness Newlove said victims were feeling left in the dark, losing confidence in the criminal justice system[/caption]

Her call for reform forms part of her response to a consultation by the Government’s sentencing council.

A source said: “It is about managing expectations.“It’s bad enough when you get told that an offender has been released halfway through a sentence, or early.

“Victims can feel there is collusion between the criminal justice system and offender.”